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I am an independent consultant, specializing in helping large organizations in these internetworking applications:

One of my strong points is an ability to guide management through the tough trade-offs between cheap, good, and now, without the oversimplification of networking and electronic mail so common in modern mass-market products.

I prefer to work with products with which I am expert and which have been proven bulletproof in my lab and in demanding client environments, including:

Products on this list have my unqualified endorsement.

I also am skilled in configuring many other software products, including various versions of UNIX, sendmail, Microsoft and IBM/Lotus mail software, other TCP/IP software suites, various Microsoft Windows-based mail clients, and connections to X.400 mail systems.

I'm based in Fitchburg, Wisconsin and well connected by Delta Airlines and the Internet to my clients in every part of North America. (I'll also consider overseas engagements for which my skills and experience are a good fit.) My clients are in every industry, including manufacturing, financial services, high technology, higher education, and government.

I've worked on computers since 1968, and on networking full time since October 1983. During a nine-year stint as product manager for Jnet®, an implementation of IBM's Network Job Entry protocols for VMS systems, I learned that information systems users want solutions, not point products. As a result, I went into private practice as a systems integration consultant in November 1991.

I am currently accepting engagements 30 to 90 days in advance, but may be able to assist you sooner for short periods on an emergency basis. If my skill areas seem to fit your needs, I invite you to contact me to discuss your needs!

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