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Info-iMS@Arnold.US is the independent discussion forum for those interested in the Sun Java Enterprise System, Sun ONE, and iPlanet communication and directory software products. These include the iPlanet Messaging Server, Sun ONE Messaging Server, Sun ONE Calendar Server, Sun ONE Instant Messager, Sun ONE Directory Server, and Sun Java System components: Messaging Server, Calendar Server, Instant Messaging, and Directory Server. (The forum is named "Info-iMS" for historical reasons.) It is an Internet mailing list with associated archives.

The list is for technical discussion by server administrators; end-user concerns are not discussed. Brief product announcements are also acceptable. Advertising is prohibited. Vendors are welcome to discuss technical aspects of their products. Participation in the list is free.

The distribution list is usually unmoderated, although moderation may be imposed at any time to fight spam or maintain the quality of the list discussion. The list is restricted; only list members may post to the list. Subscriptions are open; anyone may subscribe themselves or anyone else to the list. However, subscriptions require an e-mail confirmation. This assures that only working e-mail addresses are added to the list, and reduces the danger of spammers joining the list. To subscribe, send a subscribe command in the body of a mail message to Info-iMS-request@Arnold.US. (The subject doesn't matter.) You will receive a brief mail message asking you to send a confirm command back to the mail server. This procedure insures that your address is added to the distribution list only with your approval.

Addresses on the list are visible only to the list owner. E-mail addresses will not be sold or otherwise shared with third parties by the list owner, or used for any purpose except to operate this mailing list. The list owner will remove addresses from the list for which permanent non-delivery notifications are returned.

To post an item to the list, send it to Info-iMS@Arnold.US.

To unsubscribe from the forum (remove your address from the distribution list), send an unsubscribe command in the body of a mail message to Info-iMS-request@Arnold.US. (The subject doesn't matter.) As when subscribing, you will need to confirm your request.

List archives are available from Mailserv@Arnold.US. Archive files are split out monthly, beginning with Info-iMS.200203. The file for the current month is called Info-iMS.current. To fetch an archive file, send electronic mail containing a Mailserv send command, for example, send [archives]info-ims.current to Info-iMS-request@Arnold.US. You can also retrieve the archives by FTP, for example, at ftp://FTP.Arnold.US/list-archives/info-ims.current.

(Some FTP clients, including Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape 7.1, assume all FTP servers run UNIX. These can have trouble with the FTP server FTP.Arnold.US, which runs HP OpenVMS and is configured to use VMS-style file paths by default. To switch to UNIX-style file paths, enter the command cd /. If you have trouble fetching the archives by FTP, use the mail server, or try a line-mode FTP client.)

Digest-format is not currently available. A list of Frequently-Asked-Questions and their answers (an FAQ) is not currently available, but will be developed if there is demand and volunteers contribute sufficient material.

You may get a list of other mail server commands by sending the help command to Info-iMS-request@Arnold.US. To avoid embarrassment, be careful to never send mail server commands to the list address, Info-iMS@Arnold.US. Send them only to Mailserv@Arnold.US or Info-iMS-request@Arnold.US.

The Arnold mail servers scan for viruses, block most spam, replace unsafe attachments with warning text, and reject mail connections from certain countries. Details are at http://WWW.Arnold.US/server.htmlx and http://WWW.Arnold.US/viruses.htmlx.

Post text/plain messages (or multipart messages that include only text/plain parts) to the list. Messages with other types of content will be bounced back to the sender for reposting as text/plain.

If you normally send e-mail to others as text/html, reconfigure your mail client to send only text/plain before posting to Info-iMS. If you use a service that does not permit you to send text/plain messages, do not post to Info-iMS from that service.

If you have trouble with the mail server, please obtain and read the Mailserv help file. If you are still unable to resolve your problem (for example, if you can't generate mail from the address you originally used to subscribe to the list), send mail to the distribution list owner, Info-iMS-owner@Arnold.US. A human will read your mail and try to help.

We hope you will find Info-iMS@Arnold.US useful. Your suggestions are always appreciated, and should be sent to the list owner, Info-iMS-owner@Arnold.US. The list owner is currently Steve Arnold, telephone +1 608 278 7700. (See http://Arnold.US for additional contact information.)

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