Internet and Mail Naming and Addressing Suggestions for Large Organizations

Internet and Mail Naming and Addressing Suggestions for Large Organizations

Stephen L. Arnold, Ph.D.

President, Arnold Consulting

Presented 3 November 1997 at the DECUS U.S. Chapter Symposium in Anaheim, as Session MM004.


A recurring need in large organizations is to easily and unambiguously identify networked devices, electronic mailboxes, and other paraphernalia of the information age. While each situation is different, there is no need to repeat every mistake yourself! The speaker shares his experiences connecting clients with thousands of mailboxes and personal computers to the Internet.


Dr. Stephen L. Arnold is an independent consultant with over 14 years of networking experience on OpenVMS, UNIX, and IBM mainframe and midrange systems. Steve specializes in internetworking, electronic mail, and directory services.


This is an intermediate, technical session. The primary audience is the technical managers of Internet domains, networks, mail hosts, and directories. Goals:

Names, Addresses, and Routes

These concepts are not the same!

Radia Perlman's definitions:

If host X is to communicate with host Y

Addressing Suggestions

General Naming Suggestions

See Choosing a Name for Your Computer, FYI 5 (currently RFC 1178), for additional suggestions and rationale. See RFC 2100 for a relevant April Fool's Day poem.

Domain Name Suggestions

Mailbox Naming Suggestions

OSI Naming Suggestions

Directory Suggestions

Thank you!

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